About Us

We are a team of people with a shared dedication to building supportive, collaborative, and inclusive communities. 

Purposefully gathering people together to share ideas, information, mutual support and encouragement is not only our expertise, it's our passion in life. 

Second Shift began as a coworking space, and was quickly voted 'The Best Coworking Space in Chicago' by the Chicago Reader. Our community has 100+ members from various industries, and their demographics range in age, ethnicity, experience, and interests. 

By creating a foundation, framework, and ongoing plan that allows for members to interact with each, support each other, and grow together, you can build a robust community and get the most out of your existing members, while attracting new members.

As a Community Building Planning and Training Company, we help people plan, launch, and grow communities, or increase engagement amongst their existing community. 

We work with membership-driven organizations such as chambers of commerce, trade associations, fitness studios, neighborhood groups, political or special interest groups, nonprofits, online communities, coworking spaces, and many more.

Every community is unique, so our pricing and project plans are too. We'll work with you and your budget and deliver extraordinary results. 

Schedule a free introductory call with us so we can send you a custom package based on your specific needs, budget, goals, and timeframe.

Meet Nicole

Having grown up in a multicultural home, Nicole believes that a certain kind of magic occurs when people of all different backgrounds come together to share information and ideas: they experience the power of perspective, understand new ways of thinking, and create new opportunities for themselves.

Nicole started with BLEND Inc, a conversational dinner party-company that grew to 400+ subscribers and attendees in less than a year.

Her love for gathering people from various industries led to the formation of The Shift and Second Shift, award-winning community-focused coworking spaces where 'All Are Welcome' and members are 'Getting Ahead, Together.'

Throughout her career Nicole has started, grown, and passed the torch on multiple communities such as Professional Ladies Network, Forward Fund, Social Impact Fellowship Groups, National Coworking Days, Women Get It Done, and CONVENE Conferences.

When she’s not geeking out about community building, she travels, writes, and learns about the world through observations and conversations with people. 

Meet Levi

As the Co-founder and Operations Director of Second Shift, Levi creates space for people to be themselves, be happy, and be productive. By putting the values of inclusion and collaboration behind the operations, design, and marketing of the space, for nearly three years he has built a community where finding common ground with those around is an integral part of reaching professional goals.

His other interests include mentoring, ecosystem building, gamification, and the never ending pursuit of personal productivity and personal health. 

Meet Raquel

Raquel notices the little things, and those little things are what make a big difference. 

As Lead Manager and Social Media Maven of Second Shift, she is the not only the glue that holds everything together and the party planner extraordinaire, she is also the warm and inviting light that draws people in and makes them feel part of the community instantly.

In addition to making everyone laugh, smile, and feel appreciated, Raquel enjoys petting dogs, nurturing her plants, trying new restaurants, and traveling.

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